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Gift One:

-- $100,000 a Month

-- FIRST, STOP thinking of yourself as solely a Trainer, Artist, Author, Writer, Photographer, Therapist, Musician, Programmer, Illustrator, Teacher, Life Coach, Spiritual Healer, High School or College Teacher, Wellness Guide or --("FILL IN YOUR Resume blank!")-- and START THINKING of yourself as a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE TEACHER-COACH-GUIDE with your own VIRAL COURSES, SUBSCRIPTIONS, DOWNLOADS AND AFFILIATES!

1. YES, you CAN make OVER $100,000 a month (I have, as have thousands of the Teacher-Coach-Guides We've helped FREE over the past 20 years).

2. NO, you CANNOT do it selling your TIME by the hour (You'll work yourself to death just trying to make ends meet). I know, I worked by the hour as a writer, author, videographer, artist, programmer and teacher for decades, and then using Google ads, blogging and websites, struggled for years, until I tossed them all out for the simple and FREE system below you will LOVE (actually, Google tossed US out, by changing their AdWords policy on niche searches, after spending over $50,000 a month with them FOR FIVE YEARS)! Their middle of the night policy changes also happen at Facebook, which is why Online Teachers need their own email and subscriber lists-- more on this below and in our FREE, million-subscriber CourseGivers monthly Online Coach/ Teacher magazine (normally $5 a month). Now, 11 million page visits later, it works while we sleep-- and your HARD WORK WILL pay off too!

3. YOU ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED separate Websites, Blogs, Online Stores, Funnel providers, Video storage, email services or "SEO" (They are a WASTE of time and money).


-- AND (wow!) They are cheap or FREE!


(Drum roll...) FOUR SIMPLE STEPS that can earn over $100,000 a month as an ONLINE TEACHER-COACH-GUIDE offering your own WEB COURSES in YOUR area of expertise...

A. LOVE. You MUST have an interest, skill, expertise, profession or product that can become a CAUSE for you, and a VIRAL MESSAGE to your subscribers. (Hint: It CANNOT just be money)! The answer: ONLINE courses, downloads, memberships and subscriptions!

B. STORIES. Your LOVE must be in flawless, typo-free, perfect, page-turning stories with hooks, surprises, twists and an emotional connection.

C. MOTION! Your Love Story, assets, products, courses, subscriptions, MEMBERSHIPS, messages, downloads, etc. have to MOVE, and MUST include Videos, Memes and GIFS.

D. MEDIA. You need unlimited FREE funnels, landing pages, email hosts and social media posts focused on TRIPLE NICHE keywords YOU DOMINATE. (Triple Niche = NOT Niche one, "Music Teacher;" NOT Niche two, "Guitar Teacher;" but Niche three: "Bass Jazz Guitar Teacher)"

 I.E. -- If you have a love, expertise or skill with 6 aspects, break them up into SIX Triple-Niches, then create FREE landing pages and subdomains for each!  How would YOU move down a few Niches in YOUR course subjects? Financial Coaching for Women instead of General Life Coaching? Water Exercise for Seniors instead of Exercise? Inequality equation tutoring for AP Seniors instead of just Math Tutoring? Programming for Social Media with PHP instead of "Learn Programming?" An e-book niche instead of general title? Python for automated email list scraping instead of email marketing? Home 3d printer and cad/cam art reproduction instead of Art Classes? Magicians' courses for students specializing in Roving Mentalism, not general sleight of hand? Break them up and sell 10 courses, webinars, podcasts, subscriptions and ebooks instead of one, EACH IN A TRIPLE NICHE YOU DOMINATE with proprietary and social media look alike lists! 

Our FREE / No strings Viral Online Income series fully describes how triple niches obviate SEO and work with engines AND social media with lookalike lists and other API tricks-- to make hundreds of thousands of visits, leads, conversions, downloads, courses and subscriptions a reality WITHOUT HAVING TO INVEST IN 20 ONLINE SYSTEMS COSTING $2,000 A MONTH!

Our company is called Story Motion Media.com for a reason! I've helped thousands of teacher-coach-guides launch and re-launch online courses, subscription and digital download businesses, AT NO COST TO THEM, many of whom now earn $100,000 a month or more -- with THOSE THREE KEYS-- A VIRAL STORY/CAUSE, MOTION, AND FREE OR LOW COST MEDIA, funnels and sales! StoryMotionMedia CONVERTS SUBSCRIBERS FREE to your courses, downloads and subscriptions and CourseMotionMedia RETAINS SUBSCRIBERS FREE by animating your courses with STATE OF THE ART VIDEO ANIMATION, from funnels to courses. $100,000 in monthly topline revenue? YES, they are the one-two-three success punches!

(BONUS: When you request our FREE Ebook below, I'll include my best selling FOCUSPOWERS ebook as well, which explores both the power of mental focus and focusing on Niches as an example)!

BUT TO MAKE NICHES WORK, you need a LANDING PAGE FOR EACH NICHE. Previously, each ONE would cost over $200 plus monthly SSL, niche domain or sub, and much more. OUR FREE GUIDES and best selling Online Teacher Magazine SHOW TEACHERS in all subjects HOW to build unlimited versions of their NICHE pages for $16 a YEAR (NONE of it spent with us)! GET IT FREE BELOW!

Our Arizona, USA, 501(c)3 Nonprofit Foundation and Agency (Preptorial) has helped struggling trainers, teachers, life coaches, artists, musicians, programmers, mediums, spiritual guides, wellness teachers, dietitians, photographers, illustrators, math teachers, fitness consultants, accounting, marketing and business teachers, writers and authors (and many more-- ANY FIELD THAT CAN INCLUDE ONLINE CLASSES!) succeed with online courses, downloads, subscriptions and more, with little or no investment, after their previous tries (I've done it, wasting my money on Google content ads!), and after investing thousands, struggled or FAILED! 

We were failing because we thought of ourselves as our profession (Trainer, teacher, artist, writer, healer, photographer, videographer, musician, coach, author, illustrator, programmer, guide...) instead of an ONLINE TEACHER-COACH-GUIDE with multiple niches and funnels. If you are the former, you might sell your time and products like I did for years, and risk spending far more than you will ever make on a whole list of 20 or more (see below) online support and marketing costs; costs you can now SKIP!

Once you're the latter -- a PURE, ONLINE TEACHER-COACH-GUIDE, RATHER than only your loved profession and skill set, you can GO VIRAL selling assets, downloads, courses, subscriptions and your own affiliate programs WITHOUT a website, blog, store, course video storage, email server or expensive advertising, or losing money and sleep selling your time by the hour! Making money WHILE you SLEEP is the answer!

All you REALLY NEED is a cheap or free TRIPLE NICHE email scraper, free unlimited landing pages and funnels, and a course platform that is ONE STOP. BONUS: Our FREE e-books below also include EVERYTHING YOU NEED to become a COURSE VIDEO SUPERSTAR, from green screen chroma keys to one click text animation, ALL ON A SMARTPHONE, even if you've never scrubbed a timeline in your life!

GIFT TWO: Your FREE E-Texts and Magazine Subscriptions

You'll see a few of our over 100 best-selling texts and the hugely successful Teacher-Coach-Guides I've helped, and their stories, at the bottom of this page. This isn't braggadocio, it's my sincere desire to see you SUCCEED BEYOND ALL YOUR EXPECTATIONS, NOW! I've taken THREE of our most helpful, award winning volumes, and COMBINED THEM FREE into a single e-text. Get it (and our VIRAL FocusPowers ebook bonus) free at our PODIA store here:

The Ideal Teacher-Coach-Guide Platform, Triple Niches, and Your Third gift: 

"What did you mean when you said I didn't need a mail service, blog, WordPress site, website, video host, online store or SEO? How can my online courses succeed without them, AND without selling my time?"

Individually buying all you need in pieces, from cold leads to sophisticated up-sells and funnel carts, can cost thousands a month for artists, trainers, coaches, teachers, writers, spiritual guides, healers, photographers, programmers, musicians and other creatives and instructors trying to make it with online courses, downloads, subscriptions, fans, memberships and training.


A typical online COURSE / DOWNLOAD seller who is STRUGGLING as a teacher-coach-guide might have to use AN EXPENSIVE COMBINATION of NUMEROUS services INCLUDING (MONTHLY COSTS IN PARENS each) Mail Chimp ($200), ClickFunnels ($300), Wix ($30), WordPress with Genesis, Child, Thrive or Beaver builders ($90), Vimeo ($30), Shopify ($25), a Subscription/ Membership service ($150), Weebly, a cart like PayKickstart or SamCart ($200), AdWords, ConvertKit ($200), Penny foolish AdSense OR AdWords, Tailwind with Pinterest, a separate affiliate program, GetResponse ($100), SEO, builders, plug-ins, drip providers, Landing Pages ($400) and half a dozen even more expensive services JUST TO combine STORY, MOTION and MEDIA into online courses and downloads (which is a MUST today). 

Your first free or inexpensive step to that $100,000 a  month income is the platform I use, discovered, and have recommended to thousands (see some of their reviews  below) of our now thousands-a-month successful online teacher-coach-guides --and I offer to you here with no obligation, as an important, valuable gift just for listening-- 

It's called PODIA. I don't own it. I don't have stock in it. I have nothing to do with its ownership or management!

I just love it for what it has done for me and my teacher-coach-guide clients, and their NOW VIRAL courses, downloads and subscriptions!

It COMBINES, at a TENTH the cost of ONE of the above online blogging and funnel services, EVERYTHING an ONLINE Teacher-Coach-Guide needs for their courses, including: Email (with automated drip management), funnels, unlimited landing pages, blogs, custom Triple-Niche domains, unlimited videos, unlimited courses, your own e-commerce store, subscriptions, affiliate programs, and unlimited DIGITAL DOWNLOADS of your assets, e-books, courses, art, newsletters, clips, e-texts, recipes, photos, gifs, videos and MUCH more.

IN BRIEF, it offers EVERYTHING you'd pay WAY over $2,000 a month for by trying to cobble together all those elements yourself. Podia is turnkey, in one place, at a SMALL FRACTION of the cost of serving your niches and hosting your courses, downloads, subscriptions and affiliates with automated funnels and all those separate services!

Visiting the site will get you pumped, and you'll immediately see the value, however, your THIRD GIFT is the MOST READ THIRD VOLUME of my best selling e-text series (over 100 niche and profession specific volumes in total), with SPECIFIC, detailed info on optimizing Podia for STORY-MOTION-MEDIA online course income, and COURSE-MOTION-MEDIA for subscriber retention, detailing why it is your IDEAL platform as a $100,000 a month ONLINE TEACHER-COACH-GUIDE.


You're receiving these gifts (and MORE BELOW) FREE from me, Tommy Halstead, "The Viral Professor" and Oldiepie on YouTube, ONLY to help you launch and succeed in your $100,000 a month online business, with absolutely no obligation! I obviously HOPE we'll work together for many years also, but only AFTER you taste that sweet success without spending a penny with us!

You ALREADY KNOW, just by reading this far, secrets that have cost others dearly, including myself, to discover at the school of hard knocks. I've taught at almost EVERY online venue, including Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, Elance, Upwork, Fiverr, MIT, Skillcrush, VipKids and numerous others and would still be struggling to make $10 an hour after costs, if not being underwater, if not for Podia and the FREE STORY, MOTION and MEDIA secrets you'll learn ABSOLUTELY FREE in my third gift, which can LAUNCH your $100,000 a month Online Teacher-Coach-Guide business today:

One time offer, this site only, your FREE E-book COMBINES all these best-selling texts FREE!

Get all you need from Tommy's Best Selling Series FREE-- Just click the link Below:

  Get all you need from Tommy's Best Selling Series FREE-- Just click the link Below:  

  Get all you need from Tommy's Best Selling Series FREE-- Just click the link Below:  

  Get all you need from Tommy's Best Selling Series FREE-- Just click the link Below:  

One time offer, this site only, COMBINE all these best-selling texts FREE!

    Get all you need from Tommy's Best Selling Series FREE-- Just click the link Below:    

    Get all you need from Tommy's Best Selling Series FREE-- Just click the link Below:    

    Get all you need from Tommy's Best Selling Series FREE-- Just click the link Below:    

    Get all you need from Tommy's Best Selling Series FREE-- Just click the link Below:    

"Does your $100,000 a month plan and strategy for online Teacher-Coach-Guides and their video courses involve a lot of time and hard work?"

The Bio- and Neuro-chemistry of the human brain are wired to obtain as much energy, with the expenditure of as little energy, as possible. This is efficiency or ROI, and is a characteristic of all life.

The problem struggling teachers, writers, trainers, coaches, guides, artists, programming instructors, etc. have ISN'T hard work or patience, they have TONS of it, the PROBLEM is working hard 24/7 and seeing very little or no return on that investment!

The expensive and old Google Adwords, Adsense and multiple-investment blog and website models are PAINFULLY inefficient (yesterday's news!), and their multi-step "five dollars out, one penny in" monetization models drive numerous creatives, trainers and teacher-coach-guides broke and out of online teaching.

IN FACT, IT'S NOT ONLY TEACHER-COACH-GUIDES THAT NEED TO KEEP UP, there are dozens of OLD hosting companies and mail services using LEGACY CODE that make them expensive and OBSOLETE! Our ONLINE TEACHER-COACH-GUIDE members are ALWAYS UP TO DATE with the latest free, viral tools.

Example One: Constant Contact and MailChimp don't do automation, ConvertKit does automation but not behavior sensitive list routing and only PODIA integrates and completes them all for online CourseGivers (the name of our FREE, VIRAL, most-read newsletter).

Example Two: GoDaddy and BlueHost offer old-technology web and blog hosting at one builder host per site for hundreds a month, whereas SiteGround offers unlimited funnel pages for $16 a YEAR, directly compatible, or with mail via Zapier, with your PODIA store!

Add the horrendous chain of 10 resources to build your funnel and store, and 10 more to put your story into motion and media, and just breaking even is a LONG SHOT with the old "Google ad/SEO/website/blog/ ecomm/ Shopify (or WooCommerce / Etsy) model!" My favorite blogger teaches crafts and scrapbooking online, but worked so hard at her ETSY store and SEO-driven (massively complex, non automated Wordpress) blog that at the end of the day she was making less than she'd make working at a craft store and selling her time!

The MISSING LINK and BEST KEPT SECRET for high passive income success is email and Social Media STORY/MOTION/MEDIA driven by an automated, one-stop triple niche funnel system that works while you sleep, and AUTOMATICALLY cycles funnel-bottom niche subscribers into Social Media and Bing/ Google top-funnel lookalike MEMBERSHIPS in your FULLY AUTOMATED Podia drip mail system.

Facebook Pixel, Bing/Yahoo and Google analytics then do the same for your landing pages, MATCHING your successful list and site hits to their MULTI MILLION member lookalike lists! 

THE PODIA SYSTEM combined with our FREE help IS PERFECT FOR STAY AT HOME MOMS LIKE JOANIE! PODIA is the one stop, ideal platform for Subscriptions and Courses that GO VIRAL -- and even though this is a FREE gift for your success from us, don't just believe us, see a few rocking reviews about it a few paragraphs down on this page!

Our FREE CourseMotionMedia model for CourseGivers, using Podia with cold triple-niche targeted upper email funnels, social media, and organic visits based on extreme niches, switches the "hard work" from failed sales to the joyous work of content creation with loving talent, fun stories, awesomely engaging motion and media automation that take the drudgery out of Teacher-Coach-Guide courses, downloads, subscriptions, sponsors and affiliates. This is TRUE whether you're JUST STARTING or already have a good course system or blog going already.

Your buyers, students and subscribers also will LOVE your new talent at video, animation, breathtaking presentation and virally edu-taining course content, ALL created with ONE CLICK / drag and drop, no technical skills required, via our FREE app resource links for STORY and course ANIMATION, using only a smartphone!

Our FREE PODIA ezvideoapps blog and newsletters alone have helped numerous trainers and educators move to the next step of professional animation of their courses-- with a few taps on a smartphone, NOT a decade studying AfterEffects! StoryMotionMedia conversions become lifelong subscribers and CourseMotionMedia RETAINS them with your own CAPTIVATING ANIMATED COURSE CONTENT!

So yes, it takes hard work on the things we love doing (helping others with our talent, skill, knowledge and creativity, we are CourseGIVERS and giving is in the teacher's genes) and very quickly (within a few months) completely reverses the old dysfunctional digital strategy that, after all the time and effort, resulted in $5 to $10 an hour at the end of the day, or worse, spending more on building enrollments, visits and subscribers than we make! Get rich quick? No. Quickly transform dry shafts into highly productive income never before realized with thousands of new leads, members, subscribers and MEMBERSHIP students a week FREE or with low investment? Absolutely!

"Your program changed my online acting classes from deep red to over $20K a month income in 9 weeks."

"My video fitness download sales went from 1 to 60 a month in three weeks."

"Combining your free video systems with Podia put my illustration business in the black in only two months."

"You helped me build my $1,000 a month local piano lessons into a $500,000 online business including original score and training downloads."

“As a spiritual healer, medium and wellness worker, I never thought of myself as an online teacher, coach or guide, let alone hosting my own courses, downloads, memberships, subscriptions, podcasts and webinars.

Tommy took me from being a technical dummy to being a Facebook, YouTube and Bing Angel!

My solo practice and failing blog are now an online Law of Attraction empire, and I don’t even know what html stands for!"

"Reaching millions was never something I even imagined before meeting Tommy, and everything he’s done for my practice has cost me one $20 contribution to Preptorial in total, which was completely voluntary and even tax deductible! Truth be known, he’s the real angel!”

“Tommy taught me not only to change my vision from math tutor to my own Khan Academy, but more importantly, how to execute the courses, videos, hosting and funnels to capture millions of page views and thousands of subscribers.”

“As a self published author, my Kindle book sold only 90 copies. Tommy introduced me to draft to digital and Podia, taught me in a few easy clicks how to animate my message, and I’ve now quit my job and am living off my course sales. I’m only making $100,000 a year, not a month so far, but the amazing thing is I can actually see how to scale it up to that with Tommy's Social Media and YouTube course sampling boost methods.”

“Why would someone old and rich like Tommy take the time to email me personally hundreds of times, when I never spent a dime with him, and only on things he makes nothing on, like Facebook lookalike list scrapers from the bottom of my successful funnels?

His addiction is picking up broken winged birds and helping them fly, and as a literal starving artist I now realize how lucky I’ve been to meet him. I still don’t teach art like he keeps pushing me to, but my work has gone viral with his giclée, animation and video story system and I never even considered motion before Tommy.

He’s personally an After Effects and Illustrator genius as well as a viral author,  but humbly says he’s wasted his life because there are now apps that will do in two clicks on a smart phone what Creative Cloud takes a 747 license to create!”

“I fought Tommy tooth and nail, telling him I wanted to TAKE photos NOT TEACH photos! I finally realized that my blog and website only showed my work, and what everyone really wanted to know was how I did it, and I was actually teaching after all, at least in the posts that succeeded!

Cynics say those who can’t do teach, and my old blog buddies made fun of people who only get rich by telling others how to get rich, but when I show them what StoryMotionMedia has taught me about animating not only my photos, but my story, downloads and courses, they are awed at the art as well as the science.”


Ready to give it a shot? Let's go for it together! This is a no risk, no obligation offer to send you a TON Of REALLY GREAT FREE tools that you can USE IMMEDIATELY to supercharge your income. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned online teacher-coach-guide or just getting started selling online courses. My method, and the system I teach, is relational, not transactional. There are no upsells, credit card requirements, harassing emails or hidden costs. Our privacy policy is simple: we NEVER sell, give, lend or release any information to anyone, for any reason. Opting out even of our free monthly newsletter is one click and done. The whole idea is to give a TON of FREE tools that you will love so much you will want more as your success blooms. Can you take advantage of us and simply keep getting everything free for life? Sure, we're a US 501(c)3 Guidestar rated, Amazon Smile NonProfit founded to help teacher-coach-guides who are struggling with online courses, downloads, subscriptions and affiliates. Will you get this all free, forever? Well, honestly, once your income is where you know it can be, you'll pay it forward, if not to us, to your own students and subscribers, so it's all good!

A few of Tommy's StoryMotionMedia and CourseMotionMedia


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